Bringing home the cup

Gavin was born in the month of October, late in the month, so he's a Scorpio. According to Sweets, red is his color. So, it's sort of fitting that our family cheers for the Cardinals (red) and Arsenal (red) and the Blackhawks (red). While I never watched hockey growing up, I have adopted the … Continue reading

Pardon the interruption

Excuse me. I know it's been quiet around here. And I don't want to disturb the peace. So, I'll try to keep this to a whisper. But, I just had to share a funny story about our annual pilgrimage to St. Louis to visit with Nora and her Knight, and to catch a Cardinals game. There might have been a … Continue reading

Friday funday

Oh, hi there, it's me, Nilsa. And, I've been absent on my own blog, on your blog, on Facebook, on email. Pretty much everywhere. It's been *a couple of weeks like *that* where I'm nowhere. And I wish I had an excuse like I was on a whirlwind tour of the top 10 places to buy green tea in Asia or … Continue reading

Friday Funday

How on earth is it Friday, again, already?!? I mean, weren't we just here? Nevertheless, happy Friday, y’all! The highlight of my week occurred when I learned Trombone Shorty is playing at a local, outdoor blues festival in June. This just might be our one and only chance to bring Gavin to … Continue reading