by Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks on April 16, 2014

It’s been almost two years since I last talked about some of Gavin’s favorite books. That’s a lifetime in the world of young children’s books! But, it’s also interesting, because we still read a lot of the books I mentioned in that post, particularly Jazz Baby, The Wicked Big Toddlah, I Took the Moon for […]



by Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks on April 15, 2014

I know y’all are used to Friday Five, but I’m gonna change things up a bit and throw a Five post attacha on a Tuesday. How’s that for rule breaking?!? 1) Sweets and I went to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at a sold-out show on Friday night (shout out to my brother […]



by Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks on April 10, 2014

As I’ve mentioned in my posts about Stitch Fix, lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my style. And how my style can accommodate my life, which entails working in a super casual office a couple of days a week, working at home a few days a week, working out during lunch on the days […]


Stitch Fix #3

For the past few months, I’ve become a bit enamored with Stitch Fix, which is a personal styling service. I’ve been slowly rebuilding my wardrobe after I had to ditch the one I had, thanks to difficulties losing pregnancy weight and a dramatically different body now that I have. And, Stitch Fix has provided a […]

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Remember last week when we had tea together? That was nice, wasn’t it? One of the things we chatted about was how my workouts have changed over the past few years. How I’ve learned to need a strict routine less and how I’ve embraced the spontaneity of my workouts more. This weekend was the perfect […]

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Pretend we’re going out for a cup of tea or coffee (or beer or wine, for that matter). Lots of my blogging friends are pretending and sharing what they’d talk about over a beverage or two. Here’s the things I’d probably wind up talking about… If we were having tea today … I would tell you […]

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March flew by this year, clearly trying to make up lost time for as long as this winter felt! I had one goal and one goal only: complete 31 workouts in 31 days. It was a lofty goal, considering I don’t do well with workouts on Mondays and Fridays, and further complicated by our vacation, […]

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Homemade Thin Mint Cookies

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a dear friend about her favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes. After discussing a few options, she mentioned that if I’m going to be baking cookies, I absolutely must try this one particular recipe. It has four ingredients (which I reduced to three), involves no baking […]

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Yesterday, I squeezed in lots of photos of our trip to Florida, but I didn’t talk about our trip back to Chicago. Our drive home was loooooong (isn’t it always that way, feeling longer when you have nothing to look forward to?!). An already long day was further slowed down by Atlanta, which is a […]

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I’m such a tease. I left you hanging yesterday wondering what to make of the rain we encountered on our way to Florida. Well, let’s just say it rained poured ALL DAY. At one point, highway traffic was reduced to 25 mph and using hazzard lights to ensure each vehicle could be seen from behind. It […]

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Approximately 50 hours before leaving for vacation, Sweets said, Savannah isn’t that far out of the way, right? Want to see if Richard and Claire will be around for a visit? Those words set into motion a series of texts, calls, hotel cancellations, new hotel reservations and a newly mapped course to drive from Chicago […]

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